what we offer

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    Location, location, location
    We are located in the heart of the City

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    Food and Beverage Options
    An unparalleled catering staff can exceed your every expectation and provide you with the best quality products available.

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    Teams of friends
    Playing Gym Khana is a great way to have fun with friends, Stay in shape together (or get in shape in the first place).

History Established since 1916

In 1916 as a horse riding facility for the then Tanganyika governor lord Cameron, Dar es Salaam Gymkhana club has over the years evolved to become the center for development of all forms of sports and entertainment.

Membership has increased to just over 1000 including full member's foreign resident's members. Country members, honorary members, temporary members, member's children and reciprocal members.

A well drafted constitution abounding with rules and by-laws that holds the members together provides equal rights to all and suits the interests of all members.

The facility is currently home to a total 78 permanent employees in various posts from security guards to bar attendants and management officers with more making a living as caddies, ball-boys as well as green-keepers.

A Few Words About Us

Dar es Salaam Gymkhana club a Multi faceted sports facility - The men’s bar is the heart of Dar es Salaam Gymkhana club. But from the roof terrace the entire sports facility reflects a heaven of tranquility amidst the hustles and bustles of the overlooking city.
The blue water mass of the expansive Indian ocean colors the beautiful scenario from a distancve.idling under the caress of the whispering wind, one would get the feeling only phenomenal; to beach combing. The restaurant offers a diverse sense of hospitality which is felt right from arraival.it is rich in efficient and friendly staff mostly in blue or white who will attend to every whim. A visit can never be an intrusion .it can only translate to both activity and relaxation.

The exotic salads have a place of honors, the tempting smell of nyama choma permeate the atmosphere. And at the drop-slot bar well you need only a gulp to cool the system and reflect on your performance. And so far the golf fairway stretches towards the Dar es Salaam central business district, with golfers moving on an Indian file, the roof top providing a romantic setting for the multifaceted sports facility. Screaming or whistling around the golf tee is strictly prohibited.

Do not even dare swallow your saliva lest you distract the golfer about to tee off!! Just feel the whistling sound of the swing as the white ball curves way against the wind toward the putter green. But if you need a romantic walk, take a leap towards the cricket section. Alone or with your partner, walk or trot. Take a few rounds you won't regret. You are sure to come to out beautifully refreshed and ready to start a new day. Here the game of whits awaits you.

The squash section is equally prolific as members develop athletic figures from day one. You only need a racquet and black ball.partners is available day on end. You can even hit the ball alone, feeling like a well developed athlete. Take a towel and wipe the exploding sweat. Go back again and again hit the ball against the wall improve your spirits.

Dar es Salaam Gymkhana tennis section is never short of wonders. With a brilliant stroke, a yellow ball dives across the net. It is fun all day as members seek to outnumber each other during social tennis events when all 14 courts explode into activity during weekends. People getting smarter on a competitive platform. Here you will never feel alone or feel lonely.

The evenings witness members chasing the rolling ball towards the net. Only a goal apart separates the winner from the losing team. Still beautiful passes are exchanged the game is not over until the next day when the teams meet again in the spirit of fair play. On and on the ball rolls with every kick! This is football.